Hi! My Name Is Alabama

We're happy to tell you that Alabama has a new furever home.
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Name: HHR Alabama
Breed: Standard Poodle
Birthday: 08/01/2018
Sex: M
Weight: 56 lbs
Height (Shoulder to floor): 24 inches
Location: Springfield, MO
Adoption Donation: $450
Optional Crate Fee: $130
Deadline for expressing interest -5/25/2023
Medical/Vetting: His first wellness exam went great. He is heartworm negative and has healthy teeth and ears. HHR Alabama is scheduled to be neutered at SAAF in Springfield, MO on June 15th. He’s on the list should a cancellation arise for an earlier opening. If you are selected to adopt Alabama and live near an HHR partner vet, which HHR will coordinate, Alabama can live with you until vetting is complete at which time the adoption will be finalized.

Behaviors- very calm, sweet and affectionate, does not chew on anything or show any kind of aggression with food or any other way. Many situations are still new to him but once he trusts you he will feel ok to try.

Cats: not tested

Other dogs: He is so mild mannered and is around a lot of different sized dogs right now and is doing great! All the way from 6lbs to 50lbs. He is so gentle with the little one.

Children: He has such a chill disposition should be good. But because of such little exposure one should still be cautious and introduce slowly.

Adults: Loves them all!
Potty Training Progress: Does great on a schedule. Once neuter is done any marking should diminish.

Other behavioral info: He is so smart and can learn just about anything pretty quickly. He will be great on a leash once he is worked with it a little more. He walks very well. Just gets spooked a little. Trust is the key to help with that. He is currently in a fenced yard and loves to run around and play. He is still learning to be a dog so each toy is something new and each walk is like a new adventure with something new to see.

The biggest thing I feel like I can say about HHR Alabama is that when you see him he just makes you smile and feel very happy. He is such a sweet dog who loves laying next to his person and having his ears scratched. New things can be a little scary but if he knows he is safe with you he will try. He shows continual improvement.. Super duper on a leash once the trust is there.
He naps very well and plays very nicely. He is currently with a little dog that is only 6lbs and he is very sweet with her. He likes to follow you around with out being too velcro ish. He does love to be loved and once he trusts you and knows you are his person he is going to show you all the love you could want. He is a very cool dog and will make someone a very good friend. You will be very lucky to have him join your family.