Hi! My Name Is Alice

We're happy to tell you that Alice has a new furever home.
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Don't let the age scare you away, she still gets the zoomies once in a while and is always excited to see her people! Alice is a very loving and loyal companion. She is quiet with the exception of a new visitor entering the room, or while sleeping as she snores in a very lady like manner. The best home for Alice would be a home without small children. She is very gentle but gets nervous and is a bit fragile. Her back gets sore so she needs to be handled with care. She needs a little extra help at times to get onto the couch and definitely to get up in the bed. Alice would need somebody to be home most of the time and would love passive and gentle fur siblings to hang with, cat or dog is fine. Potty training is a work in progress since she was an outdoor dog for all of her life. She knows to go while outside but is still working on asking to go out. She will use a potty pad next to the door in the case you miss her cues. Whether sleeping in bed with you or in a crate, she will sleep all night long. The crate is not her favorite place to be during the day, but she is fine to sleep there for bedtime. Alice will need a family that will be dedicated to her dental care and to make brushing and cleaning her teeth a priority to ensure her good health. You can find her sleeping for a majority of the day near her people, she is a little shadow following everywhere you go to make sure you aren't going to disappear. She is a doll and has come so far to trust her foster family and fur siblings. She is fine with all animals but doesn’t engage in play, just wants to be close to them when mom is not around.