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Angel is sweet and surprisingly gentle for a breeder release with no training. She has just recently started taking treats from my hand, so command training is very new. She also helps with the laundry...if you find taking all the blankets and towels to her kennel helpful. So, maybe not helpful, but it's still adorable. She has not shown any resource guarding behavior when I take these things back. She will tug-o-war if she is holding it when I try to retrieve it, but not aggressively. She does seek out the safety of her kennel when my large family gets loud and/or hectic (like when we're getting ready for school in the morning). But she will engage and and play much more when it's just me and my other 2 dogs.

Cats- My cats avoid her, but she is overly curious. I wouldn't leave them unsupervised together, until she's had a bit more leave it training.

Dogs: Angel loves my female dogs. They play and wrestle (and do a lot of barking). I do not have any male dogs, so that is unknown.

Children: My youngest is 9. Angel has been great with him and my teenagers--when not chaotic. I have no experiences to share with how she is with younger children. But with her mild temperament and a safe space (kennel the child knows not to enter or bother while hiding), I do believe she would be fine.

Adults: Again, calm and quiet. She likes me better because I'm the one who takes care of her, but she has no issues being around my husband.

Potty Training: She uses the dog door, or follows the pack. She doesn't give any cues, but I've not had any accidents since the first week. (I can take no credit for this, she followed the pack, I did nothing--but if another dog rings the bell, she knows it means outside, and she will come running.)

  • Poodle – Standard 
  • Female
  • Youth (2-5 Years) (11/01/2020)
  • 41 - 50 Pounds
  • Missouri
  • I Like All Kids
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