Baby Bear

Hi! My Name Is Baby Bear

We're happy to tell you that Baby Bear has a new furever home.
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Behaviors - Bear has been through an extensive board and train program for food aggression.  He abides by the training techniques 99% of the time. He has shown some resource guarding that can be corrected with these techniques.  Bear's nature is to be assertive until he knows he can trust you and that you will not let him dominate the home.  He is learning that treats are really nice and is responding now to treat training.

Cats - Cats are a-okay with me.

Other dogs - Bear loves other dogs.

Children - Bear is loving towards kids but children under 16 would not be ideal right away.

Adults - Bear very much prefers men over women. Bear's future family will need to establish control and boundaries from day one or he will take full advantage.  If the boundaries are set and maintained, Bear will be loving and enjoyable addition.

Potty Training - Bear is full potty trained.

Great things about Bear:

Bear is crate trained.  He is loving and smart.  He would probably be best in a home with a fenced yard as he has a lot of energy and like to run.  He loves to play fetch and car rides.  He would make a great farm dog.  He’s stubborn and independent, but also very sweet, smart, and energetic. Definitely a block head. We believe he was taught to play very roughly as a pup and his prior owners established no control or boundaries with him. As a result, you have to establish firm boundaries. He would be a perfect dog for someone who has experience with stubborn and assertive breeds like GSD’s or Mali’s.