Hi! My Name Is Birdie

We're happy to tell you that Birdie has a new furever home.
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Hi! I'm Birdie. I was saved by Hava Heart 2 months ago, and now I am a retired puppy mill mommy. I am smart and spunky I usually learn things quickly especially if a tasty treat is involved. I like to play with other dogs large or small, and I even like kitty cats (under supervision). Fast-moving children worry me, but I love attention and if they go slow it allows me to relax. I used to guard the window and the outside gate, but after a few weeks of no real threats, I've retired from that too. So now I just live the good life: go on walks, play with my foster parents outside, and take lots of naps. When my foster parents leave me alone in the house, I have a hard time settling down, so now I got into the "kennel up" (crate) and after a few minutes I realize how soft my blanket is and decide to take a nap until they come home. Sometimes when I am bored in my crate I try to shred the foam in my bed, but not my soft blanket. I don't usually play with toys, but I love to shake and shred any paper left laying around. I used to be very itchy, but after switching to grain free and chicken free I'm not itchy any more. My curly hair needs to be brushed at least every other day and groomed every 6 weeks. I have a lot of energy and I need a walk in the morning before getting in my crate and a walk in the afternoon after being cooped up all day. When my foster parents are home I am more relaxed, I like to follow them around and be close, but I also take a lot of naps. I am in need of a forever home with a family who isn't gone more than 4 hours at a time - a family with another dog would be a plus. My foster mom said that there are so many wonderful people that love dogs like me in the Hava Heart Network, so I am eager to see what that means for me. It is in my nature to attach to my people, so my transition into a new home may be strange for me and I'll need time and patience to fit in and show you how good of a girl I really am. Thank you, Hava Heart! Ms. Birdie is missing 1 year and partially blind in her right eye but this does not slow her down AT ALL!!