Hi! My Name Is Caribou

We're happy to tell you that Caribou has a new furever home.
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Caribou is an 11-month-old tri-color Shetland Sheepdog.

He is a smaller Sheltie with gorgeous coloring, very striking black and white features. He is ultra-playful, cannot walk anywhere as he has to run or prance or jump. So cute! I dare you to meet him and not smile. He has this way of crossing his front paws over each other as he plays.

Shelties are double coated and will shed. Caribou has a shiny, glossy, healthy coat already. He is a good eater and enjoys treats for training. He really likes toys, especially soft stuffed types of toys, but he is a bit hard on them right now. With time and training, he can learn to not tear up his toys. He responds well to his name and to "No!". We are working on some other training.

He is pretty well housetrained, rarely has any accidents inside; once it was because of a horrible storm happening outside. He loves to follow other dogs around, play with them, interact with them, and it is fun to watch him learning to be a dog and copying them. He prefers dogs to people I think because they will play with him more often, but he does want to get snuggles and sleep on your lap from time to time. He has this way of cuddling up on you and making eye contact and laying his head on your chest that's truly adorable.

He is trained to go to his house (a kennel area, along with his brother) if we are leaving for a time, for mealtimes, and overnight.
Ideally, Caribou (Cari) needs other dogs, lots of play time, fenced yard with room to run, a big basket of toys to empty.