Hi! My Name Is Cedar

We're happy to tell you that Cedar has a new furever home.
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Cedar loves everyone (men and women) he has ever met, ages 3 – 80. He is calm in the house (unless harassed by his foster bro’s then he will romp), loves our tiny pup and our large doodle, and our female cat. I have never seen one sign of aggression with Cedar. He doesn’t love the kennel, and we let him sleep at the foot of our bed on a lifted bed (his choice). He might snore a little sometimes and I think it is because he just sleeps so deeply and it is pretty sweet! Cedar doesn’t get into things at night or during the day, we do keep him belly banded because at first he marked (they will come with him and are washable) and he doesn’t mind them at all, in fact I think they make him feel secure. Cedar walks perfectly on a leash, he doesn’t pull. He just likes to stop and smell all the things and mark his spots. He is friendly on walks to all other dogs we pass and just does a booty smell and smiles and doesn’t bark. Cedar has a large 6ft fenced yard where he loves to trot the fence lines, watch birds, squirrels and hang with his foster bro’s and normally only barks when he is ready to come inside. He doesn’t dig and likes to make his “deposits” in the far back of the yard. Cedar will nudge and gum ya for some ear rubs, pats, brushing while tail wagging the entire time. He can be a tad submissive and has amazing eyes just begging for human touch. His color is red His eyes are golden with some winged eyeliner for dramatic effect Loves to eat his food at his pace, normally a little in the morning and a lot at dinner time. Likes to go in the car, but don’t feed him before a car trip as he has had a little motion sickness. Loves to shred broken in and new toys and pull our a little stuffing in his spare time…..he also loves treats, very soft puffy beds, nylebone type toys, and a raised bed for Cedar is a must!!! Cedar has never gone #2 in the house or the kennel……I’m not making that up! Cedar will nudge you at night by the side of the bed if he needs to go out – which is adorable! He won’t bark at you, he is literally soooo gentle!! Cedar is learning to play ball, but still trying to understand he doesn’t have to keep them in a pile to store for later. Cedar has been on two trips to the kennel/boarding and did amazingly well!!!! He has been groomed at WoofGang and they said he was just perfect for them, as well. Cedar is AMAZING!!!!!!