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Churro is a 12.5 year old male Havanese. Churro spent his life siring dogs in a puppy mill. He has spent the last month learning to be a dog in a home. Churro has learned to scratch at the door to go in and out and loves to be with other dogs. Humans scare him just a bit and he will run away if you try to catch him. Once you get to hold him he will lay still but run away the first chance he gets. He does want to be around his family and others. He will come looking for humans in the home but doesn’t want much affection yet. He was excellent for the groomer and rides well in a car.  Potty training is a work in progress that is going well. Churro needs to be in a home with at least one other dog. He has picked up on a lot of cues from my dogs. He will scratch at the back door to go out and come in. He has even, kind of, used bells that one of my dogs use for cues to go in and out. He will creep into our room at night to sleep but not near anyone or the other dogs. The minute he hears us move he is out. His vision is a little better than I thought but I think he is hard of hearing. Not deaf. He doesn’t seem to dislike males or females just wary of people in general. Churro needs a patient home so that he can come around on his own time for retirement..

  • Havanese
  • Male
  • Senior (Over 10 Years)
  • Missouri
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