Hi! My Name Is Cookie

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Cats: Interested wants to sniff, not aggressive, walks away when hissed at
Other dogs: Loves our resident dog who is 1/2 her size, runs the fence, playing, with the neighbor’s big dogs, but not tested in the same yard. I don’t believe size would be an issue.
Children: 6 year old granddaughter is the only child she’s been around. Still wary of her but getting better.
Adults: Very skittish still. Will be socializing her more after her vet visit.
Potty Training Progress: We have a dog door that she learned quickly by watching our dog. 


About HHR Cookie:
Cookie is absolutely the biggest sweetheart, definitely my Velcro dog, but the world is still very scary to her. She does not like the crate, we actually moved it to the garage as she is no trouble at night or if we are gone awhile. Her safe place is on a blanket, under my desk. She does jump on you with a very light touch, but we’re working on that and she’s learning quickly. No signs of food aggression Cookie weighs 44 lbs. 


Medical/Vetting: Cooking will need her spay and final shots before she can be officially adopted.
  • Poodle – Standard 
  • Female
  • Youth (2-5 Years) (11/01/2020)
  • Missouri
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