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Name: HHR DeMarcus

Breed:  Standard Poodle

Birthday: 12/10/18

Sex: Male

Weight: 52 lbs

Height (Shoulder to floor): appx 25”

Location: Springfield, MO

Adoption Donation: $400

Optional Crate Fee:$100


Cats: Not tested

Other dogs: Does very well with all other dogs. Loves playing with any and all sizes that will play. 

Children:  Skittish but has done very well. 

Adults:  Humans are still scary but does well. 

Potty Training Progress:  Fully house trained. The only accidents have been our fault. 

Other behavioral info: No aggression. Very sweet demeanor. Very calm in the house. Very timid

Great things about HHR DeMarcus:

This beautiful majestic poodle is so sweet and a diamond in the “ruff’.  His personality is coming out everyday. You can see it most when he is outside playing with other dogs. He runs and prances bounces and flips around and lets all of his cares be free. 

DeMarcus is still working on his trust of the humans though. He is a work in progress and has to be handled very gently and patiently. But he is worth every bit of it. He has made so many big steps and we are so proud of his progress. For example, he loves his walks on the leash and he does really well. But the moments of getting him to the door and out of the house takes some patience and time. He is also becoming more comfortable with a doggy door.

He seems to prefer being around men but isn’t completely against women. He has shown that once he is comfortable with you he is very loyal to you. He is very curious of what we are doing but just still needs time to let down his guard and actually investigate. 

Having a playmate could be the best thing for DeMarcus. He trusts dogs the most. Being able to play, learn and follow another dog will help him be successful. He is truly going to be a great addition to the right home but that right home and that right person needs to be willing to be patient. 

Other things to know about HHR DeMarcus:

He is very funny. You will get so much enjoyment just sitting back and watching him. Especially when he plays with other dogs. This is the moment you see him be free. And when you talk to him he twists his head like he is really listening to you. 

Medical/Vetting: DeMarcus is fully up to date on his shots and is scheduled for his neuter on February 14th. 

  • Poodle – Standard 
  • Male
  • Youth (2-5 Years) (12/10/2018)
  • Missouri
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