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My name is Doc Holliday and I’m a yellow lab mix. I’m currently 9 months old and 47 pounds of pure love. My foster mom says I’m wicked smart and just a HAM for affection and making her happy with how pretty close to perfect I am.
I’m potty trained and ring my bell any time I want to go outside. I learned that from my older fur-foster brother. Speaking of outside and fur pals, I LOVE being outside. In the yard, on a walk or run, at my “brothers” baseball games; anywhere you go, I’m up for the adventure!
I love other dog so much! I cuddle with my fur fam whenever I can. My foster mom says we’re the cutest together. I love to play with all my puppy energy but I still sleep hard too, so I hope you can handle how adorable I am when I sleep.
If I ever get too rambunctious, I will calm down if you ask me to, then come to give you some cuddles to say I’m sorry for being a crazy kid. I’m just a little guy at heart but I want to make you happy and proud!
I’m still working on my leash skills but I know my lefts, rights, what “cross” means when we cross the street and listen to you. I know you’re in charge when I’m on my leash but I really LOVE going on walks, so I just get excited sometimes. I get along GREAT with everyone; dogs, kids, adults. I’m not sure about cats but I’ve never been around one either. I just want to be friends with everyone and everyone wants to be friends with me! I’m such a good, cute, and did I mention smart, boy!
I love to eat, like LOVE to eat. So my foster mom says I should eat out of my maze bowl to help slow me down a little but she thinks I’ll grow out of it before too long. I like the challenge sometimes, so games like fetch, or puppy puzzle toys are great. I’m pretty awesome at figuring those puzzles out too.
When my foster mom gets ready to leave, I go right to my kennel and wait for her to make sure I’m nice and cozy, also for my treat because I’m such a good boy, and I love a good treat, actually I just love all treats. I’ve been called cute, smart, funny, loving, a little crazy but I’m ready to find someone to go on the greatest adventure of forever!

  • Retriever - Labrador  & Mix 
  • Male
  • Puppy (7-24 Months) (11/18/2021)
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