Hi! My Name Is Frost

We're happy to tell you that Frost has a new furever home.
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Frost is very laid back and likes to spend a good amount of his time sleeping. His preferred place to rest is on soft dog beds and if you will allow him he likes to sleep on his human's beds too. He will not jump on or off the furniture so he will need to be assisted up and down to prevent him from injuring himself. Frost is still learning how to play, he is not sure about chasing balls yet but he does enjoy exploring toys on his own. His favorite toys so far are rubber squeaky bones and the little stuffed squirrels he can toss around and chase after. Frost gets along well with other dogs. He is very thankful for the help of his foster sibling for teaching him how to transition from the puppy mill life to a normal household. He is still not a big fan of walking on a leash without a doggy companion to help guide him. For this reason, a household with another dog would be ideal to help him continue his training. Potty training is well on its way as well as a consistent schedule is kept. He has started to alert his humans when he needs to go potty with a whine. Like most mill pups, he bonds with his human and will follow that person around everywhere to make sure he doesn't lose you. He doesn't like quick movements and prefers to be given space to approach when he is comfortable. Older children will be able to better understand that space and allow him to feel at ease.