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This handsome 3 year old mini Aussie boy is ready for adoption. Georgie has been making progress towards becoming a 'real dog', thanks to some time and interaction with my crew. He continues to be friendly and social with any other dogs but is choosey about being around people. He readily uses the doggie door to go out for potty breaks or if he needs to defend the yard from the evil squirrels or the neighbors. He has really found his voice, joining in with the home crew. He has chosen a spot in the corner of the living room where he will go if he feels anxious, but he now follows me around everywhere to see what I am doing.

He is a good eater and can apparently tell time as he will bring it to my attention if suppertime is late. He has started sleeping by me on the floor, finally preferring to be with me overnight instead of hiding on his own. If things are kind of quiet and calm, he will lay in one of the doggie beds. He is a stealth toy thief, amassing a daily collection in his corner. Georgie is readily lining up with the others for treat time and eagerly taking a treat from my hand. He will walk up to me sometimes and bump my arm or maybe give a hesitant kiss, but he still does not want me to reach out towards him. He really likes when I make eye contact and talk to him in a quiet voice, and he is so cute when he cocks his head like he's trying to understand.

When I have people visitors in the house, he will walk through the room to see what is happening, something he would never have done previously. I still have to catch him for any cuddle time, but he thoroughly enjoys petting and attention when he has decided it's OK. He has come such a long way from where we started. He's a smart boy who shows he is ready to learn and work on things. He is not your typical Aussie, he is more low-key.

  • Shepherd - Australian
  • Male
  • Youth (2-5 Years) (11/06/2018)
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