Hi! My Name Is Hagrid

We're happy to tell you that Hagridhas a new furever home.
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He’s very sweet and LOVES his people! He’s learned that he loves belly rubs and being next to his humans. He’s a bit sensitive about being petted when it’s not expected or if he feels “trapped” (he doesn’t like being snuggled from the back or being laid on) and might give a warning growl when he is uncomfortable. He gets along well with other dogs and kids, but due to his size and needing to be approached slowly he will need to be around older kids. It is unknown how he does with cats. He enjoys playing fetch and going for walks. But since he is still learning leash manners, it's important he finds someone strong who can help him if he pulls or attempts to chase cars (although he is getting better!). He is learning his basic commands, manors (because he is an expert counter surfer), and not to nip. He responds well to redirection and loves to chew. He is potty trained and crate trained. Hagrid needs someone who is patient and can continue to train him.