Hi! My Name Is Halle

We're happy to tell you that Halle has a new furever home.
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Halle was initially surrendered due to a grade 4 heart murmur. After undergoing diagnostics with a cardiologist to evaluate her condition and come up with a treatment plan, we are heartbroken to report that Halle suffers from Tetralogy of Fallot. Tetralogy of Fallot is an uncommon but complex genetic defect comprised of four heart defects. Unfortunately this means that Halle is not a surgical candidate, and her life expectancy is less than two years, she will be managed with medication and kept as happy and comfortable as possible for as long as possible… She will be loved for whatever lifespan she has. These are not expected to expensive interventions. Her medication was $56 including shipping. She has to have a checkup with the cardiologist in 3 months then moves to every 6 months. So living near a board certified cardiologist is a must. Due to the severe heart defects, Halle is NOT a candidate to be spayed. There are doggie diapers you can use when she starts her cycle. Do NOT let this diagnosis scare you off. She's an amazing dog. Already potty trained to either go outside or on her potty pads. The only accidents so far is when we're in another room. She can't figure out where to go. So we keep all doors closed. Halle also quickly learned "sit" and "down" for lay down. She's so playful and energetic today. Meeting her and seeing her you would never know she's sick. If I had the perfect home, I'd keep her and see her through this journey. Unfortunately I'll have to return to work in the near future. Given her limited time on earth, her ideal home will be one where all of her humans aren't away at work at once. Either you're retired, work separate shifts or have a stay at home spouse. Maybe you work a job where she can attend? It's not fair to expect her to wait on her people. She loves my dogs. Both are under 10 lbs. Willing to test with big dogs if needed. She has no boundaries and will pounce on your pups. So they need to be tolerant. A fence is a must. Leash training is ongoing and she doesn't like it and will not potty on it. She has not been kid tested, but she'sso little still tiny kids would make me nervous. She'd be fine with older kids. She LOVES ice cubes and anything that's NOT a dog toy. She is a fan of toys as well. 😂 Halle needs a patient person. She is a fiesty little nugget who likes to test you and gets herself in trouble. She's vocal who will whine, growl and bark. You are quick to understand her moods. She's not a bark at everything type of pup though. Training is ongoing. She's still very young. She sleeps a good 5-6 hours straight, but sometimes wants to potty and have early morning playtime. It's all YOLO over here!! If you're selected, she comes with a free dog sitter and new human best friend. I need ongoing updates of her adventurous life! I've enjoyed my time with her and will continue to love her until her new home is found!