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Harold is a long-haired senior Doxie, that is possibly deaf. When he came into care, it took him several days to warm up to his foster family, but now that he has, he is the sweetest cuddly boy. Since Harold is older he doesn’t have a lot of energy. His is happiest taking naps on the couch next to his foster mom. He does a good job going potty outside and usually only uses the potty pads in his playpen when he can’t make it outside in time. Harold’s dental care had been horribly neglected so he suffered from severe dental disease and had to have 24 teeth removed. Most of the teeth were abscessed which created fistulas (holes) between his mouth into his nasal cavity. But he’s feeling much better now and he is obsessed with his foster mom. The best home for Harold would be a family that is willing to be patient while he gets used to them. Remember, he’s an older gentleman. Adopter should expect some growling, and perhaps attempts to bite. Please note, Harold’s prior reactions are likely due to the pain he was in as well as fear of the unknown. Once he trusts he is extremely sweet and loving! Harold would also benefit greatly by a home where someone is home at least most of the time so he can spend his senior years sleeping on your lap.

  • Dachshund 
  • Male
  • Senior (Over 10 Years)
  • Missouri
  • $ 200.00
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