Hi! My Name Is Indy

I'm in the Recovery Room - I'll Be Available Soon

Name: HHR Indy

Breed: Golden Retriever 

Birthday: 10/12/2022

Sex: Female

Weight: 48 lbs

Height (Shoulder to floor): approximately 2 ft.

Location: Springfield, MO

Adoption Donation: $550

Optional Crate Fee: $130


 This dog has not completed her vetting. If the selected adopter is not near an HHR vet, this dog will stay with the foster until vetting is completed.  


Behaviors- Indy is timid at first. She becomes playful and sweet when she gets used to you, but each new person takes some time and barks to figure that out. Indy is a puppy still. She likes to play, find all the things you didn't know where there, and then take a snooze and cuddle. Indy is timid of men. My husband can pet her and give her treats, but she is still cautious. With time and trust she will grow, as she would run out of the room when he would enter for the first week she was here. 


Cats: Unknown. 


Other dogs: Loves to play! 


Children: Love my girls ages 7 and 9. Due to her timid nature in the beginning I don't think she would do well with toddlers. She needs kids who can respect her space and allow her time to warm up. And that she can't knock down once she's comfortable and ready to play.


Adults: Loves me and the girls. As mentioned before, men need to be slow and patient while she learns they are safe.


Potty Training Progress: Potty trained. She figured out the doggie door on day one. We've had a few accidents in the beginning but I believe it's because she was scared. 


Other behavioral info: Indy knows to sit and will sit to fetch the ball. She loves ice cubes and will hoard them. She loves to lay across the entire vent so she gets all the air. She is in the into everything stage and will need training, patience, and love. 


Great things about HHR Name: She is ALWAYS smiling and wagging her tail once she's comfortable. She is gentle, even when she jumps. She responds well to both her human and other dogs, but will need to be able to get out all her puppy energy. She doesn't love the crate, but knows she has to be in it at least a couple hours a day. We are getting ready to start working on leash.


Medical/Vetting: Indy will get boosters next week and her spay is scheduled for October 9th.


  • Retriever - Golden
  • Female
  • Puppy (5 - 24 Months) (08/03/2022)
  • Missouri

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