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Name: HHR Kennedy
Breed: Cockapoo
Birthday: 4/19/2018
Sex: Female
Weight: 22 pounds
Height (Shoulder to floor): 10" ish inches
Location: Outside St Louis, MO
Adoption Donation: $350
Optional Crate Fee: $45

This dog has not completed her vetting. If the selected adopter is not near an HHR vet, this dog will stay with the foster until vetting is completed.

Behaviors- Shy, startles easily, but sweet!!

Cats: Good!

Other dogs: Foster has other dogs her size and she is comfortable with them

Children: Not tested, but since she startles easily, no small children please

Adults: Good

Potty Training Progress: Making progress - she mainly goes outside, but occasionaly has accidents inside so its a work in progress.

Crate Training: She doesnt use her crate but she also doesnt hate it. To let her be comfortable in her surroundings her fosters let her free roam when they leave the house.

Kennedy is a brave little girl and she has come so far in the short time she has been with her fosters. She is now comfortable around people, can walk up and down steps, knows what a cat is, and is learning to snuggle. She still startles easily at loud noises and quick movements but she is such a sweet girl. She's very low key and just hangs out most of the time. Her fosters have been calling her Miss K, KK, or Mama Bear. Most of the time Kennedy does need to be carried outside to go potty, but she's fine once she's out there as long as it is relatively quiet. She is not leash trained yet so a fenced yard would be ideal and we will continue working with her on this. She spends a lot of the time laying in the corner when she is in the house, but she does enjoy laying on the couch with you if you put her up there. She also likes to sleep in bed with her fosters, being petted, and having her ears rubbed. Freedom is new to mama Kennedy so she can be a little apprehensive to new things but she is very responsive to being handled and is learning fast!

Kennedy has not been spayed or had any of her shots, other than rabies, due to our 60 day hold policy on females, but she will be ready for all of this very soon. She also hasn't been able to go to the groomers yet but she has been ok in the bath. She does have a few patches of missing fur on her side right now, the vet isnt concerned and we are hopeful that with a better diet, it will grow back just fine. She is a little cutie pie with such a pretty face but we cant wait to see the really beautiful girl she is under all that fur!

  • Cockapoo
  • Female
  • Adult (60 - 108 Months) (04/19/2018)
  • Missouri
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