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Name: HHR Milo
Breed: Golden Retriever
Birthday: 01/05/2022
Sex: Male
Weight: 80+lbs
Height (Shoulder to floor): ‘28 EST
Location: Springfield, MO
Adoption Donation:$450
Optional Crate Fee:$100

Deadline for expressing interest - 05/31/23
**Milo has not completed his vetting. If the selected adopter is not near an HHR vet, this dog will stay with the foster until vetting is completed.


Cats: Not observed

Other dogs: Milo does well with other dogs. Being with other dogs helps with separation issues. At doggie day care he can be a little dominant, not because he is being aggressive, but because he is so excited and wants to play so badly. He would do well with a super playful younger dog; his energy is likely too much for older pups.

Children: Milo has been around 7 year old boys. He gets better every time he is around them. He loves to play, but needs supervision as he is unaware of his size and sometimes has difficulty containing his excitement. He has not been around small children or babies, but because of his puppy excitement, he would need to be supervised closely as he is likely to knock smaller kiddos down out of sheer joy and hopes of playing!

Adults: Milo absolutely loves people and thrives on attention from people. He is working on greeting others without jumping on them.

Potty Training Progress: Milo had never had an accident in the house. He goes to the door and waits when he needs outside.

Other behavioral info:
Milo loves to eat. He uses a puzzle bowl to slow him down. He is doing well with learning to sit, lay-down, and stay. Fortunately, Milo is very treat motivated which helps with his training.

Milo currently sleeps on his bed or in his crate. He is struggling with separation anxiety. He will be fine for a little while if he has a chew toy.

Great things about HHR Milo:
Milo is a gorgeous, very energetic puppy, who loves to play. He is Clifford the Big Red Dog, and he has no idea how large he is. He loves to play fetch, tug of war, and is happiest when rolling around on the floor with his people. He does great on the leash when out running three miles, but does not do as well, and is very distracted, when going for walks. Wherever you are is where Milo will want to be.

Other things to know about HHR Milo:
Milo specializes in High-Jumping, so he will require a 6 foot fence at a minimum and a large yard to run and play in. He is also a counter-surfer and is very quick to snatch food if you are not looking. He loves whole loaves of bread, cupcakes and cookies.

Milo needs an active family who will play with him and continue to work on his obedience training. He is likely to be full of puppy energy for another year or two. Neutering may or may not impact his exuberance.

Medical/Vetting: Milo is scheduled to be neutered on May 15th.

  • Retriever - Golden
  • Male
  • Puppy (5 - 24 Months) (01/05/2022)
  • Missouri
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