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Name: HHR Natasha
Breed: Old English Sheepdog
Birthday: 1/28/21
Sex: Female
Weight: 65 pounds
Height (Shoulder to floor): 20 inches
Location: Nixa
Adoption Donation: $450
Optional Crate Fee: $100
Deadline for expressing interest - 5/3/23


Cats: No interest, doesn’t care, 4 resident cats currently

Other dogs: little interest, just some food guarding. Likes to follow resident dog around and mimics behaviors. (5 year old cockapooo)

Children: Loves children, (so far ages 9-18months). Lets the kids do whatever they would like with her, including snuggle, dressing up, and playing outside.

Adults: Hesitant with males and some new people, but warms up quickly.

Potty Training Progress: No accidents this week! Learning to let us know when she needs to go out instead of needing to walk consistently.

Other behavioral info: She does well with crating and definitely considers it her safe place. Sleeps in her crate nightly, but prefers the crate to be in a room with someone. Will follow her people around the house and doesn’t dart when outside or at an open door. Wouldn’t even require a leash in most situations. Doesn’t enjoy car rides just yet, drools heavily for short trips.

Great things about HHR Natasha:

This girl has made a small dog family truly consider adding a big dog to our lives. She is calm, and a gentle giant of sorts. She knows how big she is (doesn’t knock things or kids over) and prefers to be where her people are, usually finding a comfortable spot to lay until you move again. Usually only barks when resident dog sees something outside, when startled, or if she’s nervous about her food being stolen. Her fur is the absolute best, no shedding and thick and luxurious to snuggle. She will lay on your feet just to know you’re close. She has never shown aggression to anyone or anything, just offers a bark of warning if necessary.

Spay scheduled June 27th at SAAF, already had dental completed. Adopter would need to complete this appointment or a spay at another approved HHR vet before adoption is complete.

  • Sheepdog - Old English
  • Female
  • Youth (24 - 60 Months) (01/28/2021)
  • Missouri
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