Hi! My Name Is Patrick

We're happy to tell you that Patrick has a new furever home.
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Patrick is the most laid back pug ever. He doesn’t seem to have any separation anxiety that I’ve noticed. He just finds a comfortable place to curl up and sleep while I’m away. He’s not a barker, although sometimes he does feel the need to be heard. He’ll eat and then tell you two hours later that he hasn’t eaten in days.

He is completely deaf, but that doesn’t get in his way. He enjoys going for leisurely walks at his pace and with frequent breaks. He & I have that in common. He does well on a leash. He has been comfortable in his crate, but I have become comfortable with letting him have run of the house so I haven’t been using his crate.

Patrick uses the doggie door and is 100% housebroken. He does not mark in the house.

He’s fine with the small dogs he’s been around. He’s not been exposed to large dog, cats or children, but he is so laid back that I feel certain he’ll be fine with them. He does get annoyed with my resident dog because she’s a pup and wants to play, and he just wants to take life easy. Even so, he just barks at her. Well, he snaps at her too, but she’d have to be practically in his mouth for him to actually bite her, he moves so slowly.

He hasn’t had any issues with anyone he’s been around. True to his breed, he is curious. If he finds a bag, box, or tote open, he feels it’s his duty to inspect and make sure everything is safe for his people. If he gets a chance, he’ll take things out to get a closer look. He’s a real sweetheart and will bring so much joy to his furever family.

Patrick certainly isn’t a runner, but he is a walker. He believes that an open (outside) door is meant for him to walk through. We’ve been working on that and he is much better at staying away from the door unless he is invited.