Hi! My Name Is Pippa

We're happy to tell you that Pippa has a new furever home.
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Pippa is a Tri-Color Corgi mixed with some small percentage of terrier, we think. But Pippa’s huge ears, ummm, I mean her huge personality is ALL Corgi. She’s the sweetest cuddle bug and companion. She waddled into our home and hearts like she was born here.  Pippa does great with her foster brother and sister, but would rather be at my side instead of playing with them. I think that she would love to be an only dog so that she can always be the center of attention. She wedges herself into our laps any time we are paying attention to our 2 Havanese. I think she would really love to have someone’s undivided attention at snuggle time. We have 3 lap dogs with only 2 people; there just aren’t enough laps in our house! We think Pippa deserves as much loving and snuggling as she can get.   Pippa is potty trained. She has never had an accident inside, she will just hold it until you take her out. She learned our routine very quickly. She knew where the door to “outside” was after the first time out. She sleeps all night, without needing a potty break. She usually sleeps in our bed, but our room is warm so she likes to sleep on the floor or in a pet bed near us.  Pippa is now crate trained! When she came here she wouldn’t walk in on her own. I very rarely use it because I work at home, but I wanted her to learn that it’s her safe space, so we put in the work! Now Pippa will go happily into her crate if you are holding treats and give her lots of praise for doing it. She only goes in her crate when I leave the house for errands, this is just for training purposes. Pippa really doesn’t need to be crated, she hasn’t been destructive at all, and doesn’t show signs of separation anxiety. I feel comfortable leaving her out to roam the house without supervision.  We haven’t seen any signs of food, treat, or toy aggression though we supervise food and treat time to make sure it doesn’t develop.  During cuddle and play time, she hasn’t displayed any nipping or play-biting behavior. She gets very excited when she’s getting attention, and she makes the most wonderful happy noises; snorts, yodels, snuffles, and screeches. She is very vocal when she is happy! She has not gotten the hang of toys yet, but LOVES clothes.  Pippa walks loose leash most of the time. Even at Petsmart around strangers other dogs she stays calm. She has very good leash manners. She also loves car rides and hasn’t been car sick with me. She met my young nephew and did very well with him. She is non-reactive to our indoor cat, but she wants to chase the outside cat when she’s outside.  Pippa is genuinely a joy to have around. Her happy “Corgi noises” make me laugh no matter what kind of day I’m having. The only reason we are offering her up for adoption is that we want her to have a chance at the very best home for her.