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Name: HHR Ralph
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Birthday: 7/1/2020
Sex: Male
Weight: 9.2 lbs
Height (Shoulder to floor): 10”
Location: STL area (St Charles, MO)
Adoption Donation: $450
Optional Crate Fee: $45
Deadline for expressing interest: 8/14/23

This dog has not completed his vetting. If the selected adopter is not near an HHR vet, this dog will stay with the foster until vetting is completed.

Cats: No exposure
Other dogs: Great with other littles but is not shy about seeking all the attention! No exposure to bigs but should be fine.

Children: No exposure, but he is tiny and gentle so should be fine.
Adults: Good with all adults he’s met, but he hasn’t been out and about because he’s not fully vaccinated yet.

Potty Training Progress: Work in progress – Ralph has been in foster care just 2 weeks; his adopter will need to continue with consistent routines. He goes out to the fenced yard with his foster siblings every 2-3 hours and will potty on the grass. He will “go” where the other dogs are going and will sometimes be so close that he pees on them; I follow him and gently nudge him away from them while the peeing is in progress. If not taken out regularly, he will “go”/mark inside. When I leave the house, I put a male wrap on – but it’s usually dry when I get home. He doesn’t need one when being watched and taken out regularly. He goes all night without needing to potty.

Other behavioral info:

Great things about HHR Ralph:
Ralphie warms up to humans and other dogs very quickly! He is a sweet, affectionate, happy little guy who loves to be with you (snuggling on your lap or next to you). He gets in your face for licks and cuddles, so his adopter must love that too! He happily comes to his human with tail wagging. He has started trotting in the backyard, is learning to play with small toys, and is starting to try to play with my mini poo. He loves being pet and brushed.

Other things to know about HHR Ralph:
Ralph is a little daredevil in that he doesn’t realize how tiny he is. He will attempt to jump on and off things that are too high for him. For that reason, he sleeps in a crate next to my bed rather than in my bed which he would prefer. I place him in the crate, and he is fine there all night. Even though he has safe ways up and down furniture, he doesn’t always take them. He also tries to jump downstairs, so I carry him up and down and block the stairs when I’m not home. He’s still recovering from his neuter, so we haven’t practiced yet.
Ralph is a good eater but is still getting use to drinking – I leave many water bowls out to encourage it. I also give him part wet food with a little water to hydrate him. The wet food also helps him eat with teeth that may hurt – he’s scheduled for a dental.
He loves attention and has no qualms about climbing over or onto other dogs to get the love from his human. My dogs are patient with him so it hasn’t caused any conflict.

Medical/Vetting: First round of vaccines completed 7/25, neuter was completed 7/26, booster vaccines are scheduled 8/15, and dental is scheduled 8/17.

  • Poodle
  • Male
  • Youth (24 - 60 Months) (07/01/2020)
  • Missouri
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