Hi! My Name Is Rudolph

We're happy to tell you that Rudolph has a new furever home.
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Rudolph is an 11-month-old tri-color Shetland Sheepdog.

He is a smaller Sheltie with gorgeous coloring. He is super-smart and loves attention. He weighs approx 12 lbs. Shelties are double coated and will shed. Rudolph has a truly beautiful shiny, glossy, healthy coat already. He is a good eater and enjoys treats for training.

He really likes toys, especially tennis balls. When he is feeling playful and sees a tennis ball, he flings it around and actually runs to catch it again himself, rolls it and chases it, just completely has his own thing happening in the room. He is much gentler with his toys than his brother.

He responds well to his name and to "No!", and Rudolph does very well when asked to go to his house (a large kennel area he shares with his brother).

He is pretty well housetrained, rarely has any accidents inside and then it was because of a horrible storm happening outside. He likes other dogs, but really prefers people. He can't get enough snuggles, loves to sleep on your lap and nap on your bed. He is trained to go to his house if we are leaving for a time, for mealtimes, and overnight.

Rudolph learns very quickly and easily; he will be a joy to train. He has a calmer, thoughtful, cooperative demeanor.

Ideally, Rudolph (Rudi) needs people who like dogs to jump up and snuggle, can pay him lots of attention, and a big basket of tennis balls. He has been receptive to unknown visitors in our house, approached them and allowed petting. Not sure how he is with kids or cats.