Hi! My Name Is Sriracha

We're happy to tell you that Sriracha has a new furever home.
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Name: Sriracha - goes by Rocky now
Breed: Shih Tzu
Birthday: 4/14/14
Sex: M
Weight: 19lbs
Height (Shoulder to floor): 10 inches
Location: Lawrence, KS
Adoption Donation: $300
Optional Crate Fee: $30
Deadline for expressing interest - 4/26/23
Cats: Not tested but anticipate no reaction
Other dogs: Good with all resident dogs in house but does like his personal space respected.
Children: Older children suggested
Adults: Good
Potty Training Progress: Great with potty training, will even let you know if he needs to go out.
Other behavioral info: Rocky loves his toys and crates….care will need to be taken because he can get possessive. Simple steps to manage him can avoid issues.
Great things about Rocky:
Rocky is a great companion dog. He is low maintenance as he will follow you from room to room and likes to chill. He loves a good dog bed or blanket and will stay by you all day. He sleeps all through the night and rarely barks. Rocky is on a potty schedule but will let you know if he wants to go outside. He loves to lie in the sun and explore the yard. Rocky likes treats and will respond to the word “treat”. Walking on a leash is a breeze for Rocky. He rides in the car well and cooperates for the vet and groomer. He enjoys resting in a crate.
Other things to know about Rocky:
Rocky is a bit cat-like in his demeanor. He loves a good scratch, especially in the morning. However, he will let you know when he’s had enough with a bit of a snarl. Don’t worry, he has had most of teeth removed so he can’t back it up! Rocky does like to keep his toys to himself so playtime around other dogs needs to be kept to a minimum and he can have his own playtime without others…he will do fine.