Hi! My Name Is Styles

I'm Available

Name: HHR Styles
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Birthday: 1/12/2018
Sex: Male
Height (Shoulder to floor):
Location: Springfield
Adoption Donation: $350
Optional Crate Fee: $30
Deadline for expressing interest - 3/1

Cats: Not tested
Other dogs: Does very well with all sizes
Children: Timid but will be fine
Adults: Loves them all
Potty Training Progress: Does very well with a good consistent schedule.
Other behavioral info: Sleeps very well in his crate and uses it as a safe place when needed. He is very timid. 5 yrs of mill life will take some love and patience to help him past it.

Little, Bundle, of JOY

Great things about HHR Styles:
This sweet sweet little guy is still trying to find himself but when he lets go his little personality is so funny. He is slowly learning that toys are fun. And how great it feels to stretch out on the rug and rub your back on it. He is living with 3 Standard Poodles right now that feel like giants. But he does really well with them. He is still so worried that the human hand is going to hurt him but once he feels safe and secure he relaxes. He is not aggressive at all. He wants to be loved but still just so worried. But he is for sure getting there everyday.
Styles will realize very soon how great it is to sit on the humans lap and he will never want to leave.

Medical/Vetting: Styles is scheduled for his neuter on March 9.

  • Poodle - Miniature
  • Male
  • Adult (60 - 108 Months) (01/12/2018)
  • Missouri
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