Hi! My Name Is Sycamore

We're happy to tell you that Sycamore has a new furever home.
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If you're looking for a loyal, gentle giant then this is the guy for you. Sycamore was so nervous and scared when he first came to his fosters home that he would jump at his own shadow. He has made great progress and they rarely see signs of that timid soul anymore. He tends to be more timid around men at first and struggled with his male groomer because he was so scared he wouldn't move. So he needs positive, patient male role models to work through those fears if males are in the home. He is super sweet and wants to be around his people all the time. He does great on a leash and loves long slow walks with the mom but at 2 years old he enjoys running and playing chase with the kids just as much. There is not currently another dog in the home, but he has been quite the gentleman when meeting new dogs and people on their walks and when the neighbor’s dogs is barking all day he has never once barked or shown any interest in them. That doesn't mean he can't have fur siblings! He loves car rides and does not care for his crate, but that may be due to his size. At night he sleeps on the floor by his foster mom's bed and never pottied in the house even when left alone for long periods and has never chewed or destroyed anything when left alone. He did use belly bands when they first got him but now he is fine without and doesn't mark. He loves to be outside and successfully keeps the squirrels out of their flower beds. He would benefit from a fenced yard. They do not have a cat so I do not know how he would do with one. Sycamore has been a complete blessing to his foster family. Their youngest daughter had a huge fear of dogs to the point that she almost got hurt running out in the road to avoid a service dog, but Sycamore was so fearful of them at first that it aided in her getting past her fear to make him feel better. It has been her mission to get him to learn to play with toys and she finally accomplished that task this week. It has been amazing to watch his transformation. This amazing dog deserves a family to open their home and will make a solid addition to your family!