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Name: HHR Sylvie
Breed: Havanese
Birthday: 12/17/2017
Sex: Female
Location: Camdenton, Mo
Adoption Donation: $400
Optional crate fee: $45

Behaviors: Fearful, beginning to build trust. High flight risk. Quiet home preferable.
Cats: no reaction
Dogs: no reaction, would do best with another small dog
Children: unknown
Adults: Slowly building trust.
Potty training progress: In progress. Will use washable potty pads 25% of the time.

Age: approximately 5 years
• Sylvie is curious and wants to see me, however, is still fearful. She is getting braver and allowing me to come closer to her each day. I keep a six-foot leash on her in the house so I can catch her.
• We spend some time outside each morning and evening and after she comes out of the kennel in the morning and after work. Sylvie is getting more comfortable being outdoors.
• Sylvie spends the day in the kennel, she is quiet and has not had any accidents in her kennel (up to 8 hours).
• Leash training – working on this. She has a leash attached to her all the time (mainly for the ease of catching her). When we go outside, Sylvie will just sit and check thing out. There is no exploring, just watching and listening to the various sounds. This is a huge improvement from two weeks ago. She is building her trust!
• Sylvie sleeps with me, right next to me. This is building her trust in humans. She is so calm and relaxed. I can pet her and she doesn’t flinch.
• I think Sylvie would do great if she had a secure yard to explore with another small dog to learn from. Her first instinct is to run away, so she won’t bother a cat, and really doesn’t have any reaction to my large dog.

  • Havanese
  • Female
  • Adult (60 - 108 Months) (12/03/2017)
  • Missouri
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