Hi! My Name Is Tina

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Name: Tina
Breed: Havanese (female)
Age: 2/1/2019 - 4 yrs
Sex: Female
Weight: 13 lbs
Location: Springfield, MO
Adoption Donation: $450
Optional Crate Fee: $45
Deadline to express interest 4/23/23

Vetting: HHR Tina still has vetting to be completed. If the adopter is not near an HHR vet she will stay with the foster until vetting is complete. Tina has spay on 4/20. Her dental is scheduled for 5/24, with the pre surgery blood work on 5/22.

Cats: No exposure to cats, but she’s a pretty chill dog so I’m guessing she would ignore a cat.

Dogs: Currently resides with 2 Great Danes, 1 Maltese and 1 Havanese, so she’s been around dogs of all sizes. She doesn’t really show much interest in any of them, but gets along well with all of them.

Children: No exposure to children. Due to her timid nature, I feel she wouldn’t do well around young children. She startles easily.

Adults: Once she gets comfortable she’s a constant shadow. She follows me around the house all day. She’s timid with new people, but will warm up once she relaxes.

Potty training: She’s been really good about not having accidents in the house. She doesn’t let you know when she needs out, but if taken out on a regular basis, and told to “go potty”, she knows what to do. She doesn’t like to do her business on her own yet, so I go outside with her and wait while she goes. Occasionally she won’t want to follow me outside, so I have to pick her up and carry her out, but then she’ll go potty and follow me back inside. She likes to wander outside, but will typically stay close by. She will most likely need a home with a fence since she does like to wonder.

* She’s very food motivated. She loves her meals and treats. She can get extra excited while she’s waiting for food, but has learned to “sit” and wait nicely for meals & treats.

* She sleeps all night in bed with us and barely moves. She’s a great cuddle bug.

* She loves riding in the car. She sits nicely in the passenger seat, or in a dog bed in the back seat.

* She’s not scared of thunderstorms.

* We worked through some separation anxiety issues, so her new parents will need to be prepared to continue to work with her. She is not a fan of being crated when left alone. She will bark and stress poop if crated. Gating her off in a room works better, but she’s still not a big fan of that if she’s left alone. We finally figured out that she does much better if her furry siblings are with her. We gated her with our other 2 little pups and Tina was much happier, although the resident pups weren’t very happy. So, we’ve found that we can leave her out loose in the house with the other pups and that drastically reduces her stress level. She does take a small amount of Trazadone a couple of hours before we leave.

* Tina is such a special little girl. She’s the sweetest thing. Everyone that meets her comments on how sweet she is. She is timid and takes a while to warm up, but will totally fall in love with the right person. She will need a family that is willing to take things slow with her and not push her before she’s ready. She needs a family that is home more often than not, or one that can take her with them. She also needs at least 1 furry sibling to keep her company when her humans are gone, and to help her adjust to her new home. Her favorite activities are sniffing around outside, getting belly scratches (or any kind of scratches), treats, and napping.

  • Havanese
  • Female
  • Youth (24 - 60 Months) (02/01/2019)
  • Missouri
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