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Name: HHR Wonder
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Birthday: 8/13/22 (~6 months)
Sex: Male
Weight: 25 lb (and growing)
Height (Shoulder to floor): 18"
Location: St. Louis County, MO
Adoption Donation: $550
Optional Crate Fee: $45
Deadline for expressing interest: 3/5/23
**This dog has not completed his vetting. If the selected adopter is not near an HHR vet, this dog will stay with the foster until vetting is completed.**
Behaviors- Wonder is a dream to train! Training is his absolute JAM!!! He has "come," & "sit," mostly has "stay," & "drop it," and plays fetch like a pro! Wonder is fearful of the leash, and prefers to train in foster's large, fenced yard. He currently chews the leash or freezes in place when practicing with it. Wonder is still working on "down," and will jump on people as well as furniture, for affection and attention.
Cats: Unknown, but foster family have a tiny dog nicknamed "Kitty," who perches high on furniture, and Wonder often treats this tiny dog as prey. However Wonder does learn boundaries well, and would probably learn to live just fine with cats.
Other dogs: Wonder would really like to live with other dogs! The other resident dogs are about ten pounds, and he learned quickly how to bow low and ask when he wants to play, so in spite of their size differences, he has won them over!
Children: Wonder loves resident children and also enjoys welcoming new children into the home. He just loves everyone. Wonder does have a very big, deep bark and growl, which would be the perfect deterrent for intruders, but could startle very young children. However, he uses it to communicate, not out of aggression.
Adults: No issues, even when he's sleepy and growls because foster dad gets up in the middle of the night, Wonder will accept foster dad back into bed and ask for ear scritches. If you pet this boy, he's yours!
Potty Training Progress: 50/50! Wonder fully understands that when we go out, he is to void no1 and no2, and always does at least no1. However, he also still requires belly bands inside. His bladder is still maturing. He is incredibly smart, so this is all a matter of time and patience.
Other behavioral info: Wonder loves having appropriate things to chew, such as Kongs and raw-hide-free puppy chews. He is working on separation anxiety when foster mom showers or uses the bathroom, which is a great opportunity to provide one of these chew options. He prefers an open door policy, but has recently been learning to lie down outside of the bathroom door. Wonder behaves extremely well for bath time but is also fearful enough of the tub that he doesn't want to hang out in the bathroom, hence wanting the door open.
Great things about HHR Wonder:
He would be an incredible travel buddy, running partner, and is just a super healthy, incredibly loyal, affectionate, and soft as silk pup. Wonder is easy to train and he thrives on learning. He enjoys working for social praise as well as food treats, which makes him quite a joy to train!!!
Grooming: Wonder has a curly, growing coat that will require brushing and experience with grooming or trips to the groomer every few months. It will be best for him that his adopter find a quality groomer and book an appointment before his coat grows long, as groomers can often book several weeks out.
Medical/Vetting: Wonder will complete neuter and vaccines on 3/14/23
  • Poodle - Miniature
  • Male
  • Puppy (5 - 24 Months) (08/13/2022)
  • Missouri
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