Please read this page completely before filling out an application. Incomplete applications are not considered.

Adopting a dog is very rewarding. But understand that adopting a rescue can be a challenging experience at times. Some have experience abuse and neglect, and others may have very little human contact. It may take time for your rescue dog to adjust to their new life as a loved and pampered pet.

Unless there are major issues once the dog comes to you, we ask that you give the dog a reasonable amount of time to adjust to their new home. However, if there are major issues, we don't want the adoptive family to feel like they are stuck. Know that most dogs do remarkably well and bring a lot of joy and sense of satisfaction to their new owners.

Out-of-Network Adoptions

We are able to complete some out-of-network adoptions. Each situation is handled uniquely. If you are interested in one of our dogs and are outside our adoption areas, please read this section carefully.

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL WE SHIP OR TRANSPORT DOGS TO YOU. It is important that you meet the dog in person. Please do not complete an application if you are not willing to make these arrangements.
  • Complete and submit the Adoption Application.
  • Include the following with your application:
    • Complete and submit the adoption application
    • Include a plan to come pick up the dog (remember, we do not ship)

Adoption Process

Apply →


Complete and submit the Adoption Application.

Review →


Once received, your application will be reviewed by our team.

Interview →


If you are a good fit for us and a possible match for one of our dogs, one of our volunteers will call you for an interview. We may choose to make a house call instead.

Meet The Dog →


Once we feel like you're a good fit, we will schedule a time for you to meet the dog we feel is a good fit for you, your family, and your situation.

Please understand that our first priority is finding a good match for the dog.
If we feel the dog is not a good fit, we will keep you in mind for future placements.

Adoption Application