Hi! My Name Is Aubrey

We're happy to tell you that Aubrey has a new furever home.
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Name: HHR Aubrey
Breed: Golden Retriever
Sex: Female
Weight: 75.6 lbs
Height (Shoulder to floor): 21.5 inches
Location: Nixa, MO
Adoption Donation:$450.00
Optional Crate Fee:$100.00
Deadline for expressing interest: 7/2/2023

HHR Aubrey has not completed all of her vetting. If the selected adopter is not near an HHR vet, Aubrey will stay with the foster until vetting is completed.

Behaviors-Heart of Gold; this girl is curious, but still timid.

Cats: She either does not know resident kitties exist or is just unreactive.

Other dogs: Aubrey loves to play with other dogs, fortunately, she has a couple of girls who like to play with her. She really wants the resident big boy to play with her, but he is not interested; she is very respectful of that. She does not demonstrate any guarding behaviors around toys or food.

Children: She hasn’t been exposed to young children, but she would likely just run away if they scared her.

Adults: Aubrey is still learning to trust. In the presence of other dogs she will approach her foster momma and ask for pets. She seems to be attracted to mature women 55+ as she approached her foster grandma and a lady at the vet independently.

Potty Training Progress: Aubrey goes out several times with the other dogs.She has not had any issues with going potty in the house or the crate.

Other behavioral info: Aubrey eats a scoop of wet food in the morning with her kibble. She eats in her crate with the door closed (mainly because the resident dogs would eat her food). She likes to have her own water bowl in her crate or right outside of it. She is still very timid around humans but is learning to trust. She likes treats but is not taking them by hand yet.

Great things about HHR Aubrey:

Aubrey is a sweet, timid girl, who very likely had her babies weaned right before HavaHeart rescued her. She is slowly learning to trust humans, but is already enjoying her dog pals. She wants lots of pets and will likely be a lap girl once she learns humans are safe.

She feels happiest playing with other dogs or being near her human. She’s a quick study and is already doing all kinds of dog stuff!

Other things to know about HHR Aubrey: She is still learning leash etiquette and gets spooked at times; she either tries to dart or turns into a statue. She doesn’t voluntarily get in the truck but will jump out with encouragement, including a gentle voice and a greenie.

Medical/Vetting: Aubrey is awaiting her 60-day delay for spay in August. SHe was unable to receive her first round of vaccinations due to having mastitis until 6/23/23, her booster is due in July. Her heartworm test was negative and she has been on NexGuard and HeartGuard.