Hi! My Name Is Delsie

We're happy to tell you that Delsie has a new furever home.
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Delsie is ready for her forever home! She responds to both Delsie and Cece (we couldn’t shorten to Dels because we already have a dog named Dill in the house lol). She has gotten along great with both our 40lb beagle mix and 60lb labradoodle. Not sure how she is around cats or kids. Cece’s favorite thing to do is cuddle up with a human, any human will do! We lovingly call her Wiggle Worm because she will flop around on her back to try and get belly rubs (see video!) She hasn’t figured out dog toys yet but loves to gnaw on antlers, nylabones, and other chews. She does the sweetest dance when it’s time to eat because she LOVES food! She isn’t food aggressive at all but if given the chance, she will sneak into other dog's bowls to try and get an extra serving, so if other dogs in the household are food aggressive, be sure to separate them at meal times. We crate her when we are gone and at night because she is still trying to master potty training. We tried letting her stay out of the crate in the bathroom, but she did not like being confined to that room so she scratched up the base boards and door. I think once she is completely potty trained she would do fine out and about in the house because all she usually does is sleep!