Hi! My Name Is Dorito

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Hi there. My HHR name is Dorito. My foster mom (FM) nicknamed me Frida which is what I respond to. You could call me Domino because I’m as sweet as a box of sugar. List of some traits my FM has learned about me:

🥰 Sweet. I am so sweet as pie and can be chill as well as rambunctious. My social skills are very good. I’ve been raised and fostered with my FM’s two Chihuahua Aunties. They play with me and also remind me when my puppiness is over the top. I‘ve loved my play dates with other
dogs too. I haven’t met cats or children yet, but I’m pretty sure my sweetness will make those introductions easy. Well, a cat may not be fond of my energy quite yet 🤪

🎓 Smart. I’m a smart girl and learned my name quickly so when and if you rename me, I’ll learn that too. FM used training treats with me to practice learning my name. I respond to hearing ‘good girl’ and need less training.. I love to go walkies and slip into my harness easily.
I’m learning the leash, but there are so many good smells!

🤔 Curious. I’m always nosing around for something new to play with and almost anything will do. A few times my FM has found her sandals and kitchen towels in the backyard. I enjoy my toys and running after tennis balls though I don’t fetch. Most of all I love to chew so it’s good for me to have chewable chew bones handy. Sometimes I can be naughty in a cute way.

🙃 Housebroken Almost 100% when I get timed potty breaks I’m learning to let my FM know when I need to go out. Sometimes when I’m chilling out I need some encouragement to go outside. I was raised in a yard so naturally did my business outside. When the weather is niceand my FM props the door open I go outside and do my business.

😁 I love to play. I was raised and fostered with my sisters and we have been romping, rolling thunderous balls of energy. In my new home I’ll need a fun-loving canine playmate in a fenced yard. I’m enthusiastic, but I take time to chill out too. In fact, just so you know, my sister, HHR Queso, is also up for adoption and we would love to stay together - wink wink.

🤐 Barker. Nope, not me, despite the best efforts of my chihuahua Auntie’s demonstrations, I haven’t taken up that practice.

Terms I’m learning:

Crate-create - I gladly go in my crate and FM gives me a few training treats Get back - which FM uses going in and out of the doors and gate Scoot-scoot - when I’m underfoot which happens less and less

Get down-I greet my human friends enthusiastically and am improving That the concept that NO is a complete sentence LOL

I have a sweet spirit and know I will make a new family very happy. My FM is in love with me and would keep me if she could.

  • Chihuahua & Mix 
  • Female
  • Puppy (7-24 Months) (03/15/2022)
  • Missouri
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