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This handsome little man is just the sweetest. While he is still quite timid of humans, he seems to be okay with any dog that matches his size. He was around Doc, the labradoodle, during transport, and on their neuter day, and there were no problems. He’s also been around my two cats and has never bothered them. My cat tried to bully him once (only once) and he barked back at him. So, he will stand his ground, but remain a gentleman.
He really is pretty chill. He absolutely loves sleeping in, and is not a fan of getting up early, so that makes getting ready for work super easy, since there’s no tripping over him. However, when he does get up for the day, he does want to follow his favorite person everywhere. FOMO is a thing for this guy. He gets excited when you get home, and starts barking, but that is only because he hasn’t mustered up the courage to come over for scritches.
He chose to sleep next to my bed each night, in his own bed with a blanket covering him. He loves to be warm. He is not leash trained, as every time I put one on him, he would just freeze. I’ll continue to work on that though. With that information, trying to house train him has been rather challenging, since I don’t have a fenced in yard. I also live in a split-level house, and he hasn’t mastered stairs yet, but I’m sure he will with time.
This little gentleman has eyes that will melt right through you, as they are just screaming how much he wants to love, and be loved, but he doesn’t know how. Will you be the one he finally opens his heart to?
  • Shih Tzu 
  • Male
  • Adult (5-9 Years) (08/26/2016)
  • Missouri
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