Hi! My Name Is Hudson

We're happy to tell you that Hudson has a new furever home.
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Hi, Hudson here. I am a 7-year-old Havanese.  It's been really nice exploring my freedom. I like to roll around on the carpet, sniff everything including legs and feet. I love walks! But not long walks, my foster mom had to carry me back up a long hill once. She didn't seem too happy.  And she won't let me water the neighbor's flowers.  I have several puppy friends on my street. One even sneaks across the street for a visit. Then she gets in trouble. My foster mom says I need a four-legged friend to live with. After a day hanging with puppy friends, I seem lonely and sometimes howl in the evening. I have not met a dog I didn't like. Ok. Maybe one. She was mean.  Big dogs are a little scary at first but I become comfortable. Once I met an interesting creature at the groomer. I was memorized by her. My human brother was mad that I didn't try to eat that cat.  My favorite food is chicken and my foster mom makes me the best homemade chicken food.  I recently had some bad teeth pulled and a good cleaning. My mouth is feeling good. My mom was sneaking and tricked me into eating 100% dry food. Who ever adopts me, hear this: I WILL NOT BE MAD IF YOU MAKE ME HOMEMADE CHICKEN FOOD!! I have grown an interest in treats. I really like pig snouts.  My coat has grown back super healthy. My foster mom says my poop looks good too. She is a weirdo! I don't understand petting. My puppy cousin loves to give kisses and get lots of pets from humans. I think this is strange. My foster mom says I still need lots of patience, space, and love to finish growing. She says I have made great progress. Sometimes I let my small humans pet me but not mom yet! And my tail has started this waging motion. I am not sure what is going on. It might be broken. I am on a potty schedule and doing great. I poop like clockwork most of the time.  I let my mom know when I need to go. I either stare at her or constantly give her leg touches with my wet nose. I understand what outside means. I am not a fan of rain, while we are on the subject of water, I am doing better with baths! I do come with some warnings.  I DO NOT TRAVEL WELL! My anxiety gets the best of me. I bark and puke.   Sometimes have a nervous poop.  Even on short trips. My foster mom is trying different things