Hi! My Name Is Humphrey

We're happy to tell you that Humphrey has a new furever home.
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Name: HHR Humphrey
Breed: Shih Tzu
Birthday: 08/26/2016
Sex: Male
Weight: 11 lbs
Height (Shoulder to floor): 10 inches
Location: Granite City, IL (10 minutes east of St. Louis, MO)

Behaviors: Still shy around people until he finds his person. Then he wants/demands all the love and attention
Cats: Is around 2 of them and doesn’t seem to bother them. The cats set their boundaries at the beginning, and he understood the assignment
Other dogs: Fine with other dogs. Foster has 2 small ones that he’s shown no aggression toward ever. He does push the smallest one around with his booty so that he can try to get all the love. Humphrey will not do well as an only dog, and will require another K9 companion of similar size.
Children: Okay with children as long as they’re introduced and he gets to do the sniff test. He has not been around small children. Foster’s children are 11 and 14, and full-sized humans.
Adults: Great with is chosen person. Needs to sniff test anyone else that wants to interact, until he gets to know them. He does let out a little growl (not aggressive) to let you know when someone is coming in/around the room he’s in. But again, sniff test and he’s fine.
Potty Training Progress: He’s doing great! He potties outside, and for the most part does his twosies out there too. However, if his window of opportunity is missed, it has to come out somewhere. It’s very rare though since foster works from home. He has just started going to the back door to let foster know he needs out, but this has only been within the last couple of days.
Other behavioral info: As mentioned above, Humphrey is still hesitant around humans until he gets to know you.

Great things about HHR Humphrey: He has so much puppy personality, even though he's certainly not a puppy. He is such a lover, and so happy to be free from his previous life. His big beautiful brown eyes look at you with such gratitude and happiness once he’s familiar with you. He is missing some teeth, so his tongue naturally sticks out like he's blowing raspberries at you all the time. With that said, on his exam, his teeth were graded as “normal”, and the vet put him at grade I or II at best. So, the teeth he has are in pretty good shape considering he came from a mill. This also doesn’t prevent him from eating hard food/treats, as he still has plenty of teeth remaining to assist with that.

Other things to know about HHR Humphrey: He loves to be right by his human, even if nothing is going on. He tends to stay under foot when one tries to walk, and even tries to walk between the steps of his human, so adopter must be very aware of their footing, as he will be a trip hazard.

Medical/Vetting: HHR Humphrey is fully vetted.