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Meet Iago! This ADORABLE one-year old Havamalt (Havanese/Maltese) that honestly gets the best of both breeds. Because of Iago's past, he has a lot of anxiety and doesn't do well with other dogs. He's very loving to his favorite humans. He likes to know where his people are and is content snuggling on the sofa. Iago seems to be a one-human-kind of dog. He currently shows fear to other people. (This will take time, love, and patience to overcome.) His family needs to know it may take work to build that bond with other people in the house (and guests). He is working on his potty training; it is important to keep him on a schedule. He responds well with positive reinforcement outside. Iago needs someone who is willing to continue this training. He does well on a leash and enjoys exploring a fenced-in backyard. The outside world is a little scary, but he's learning. He sleeps with his human and is not a huge fan of his crate. He needs his forever home to have the time and space to decompress so his personality has a chance to shine. Iago's ideal home is most likely a home without small children or other dogs. This will give him the time and space he needs so he can build his confidence and learn to trust. He's a great dog that is perfect (most of the time). He needs a family that will teach him boundaries and manners.

  • Havamalt
  • Male
  • Youth (2 - 5 Years)
  • 10 - 20 Pounds
  • Missouri
  • Black and White
  • $ 400.00
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