Hi! My Name Is Kincaid

We're happy to tell you that Kincaid has a new furever home.
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I need your attention...or I may jump on you to notice me and most definitely I will continue to shove my toy upon you while waiting for you toss it. As per my breed I will retrieve my toy and bring it right back to play over and over. I need lots and lots of attention to play toys throughout the day. I love pets and especially having my belly rubbed. I enjoy both male/ female though I can be a tad bit sensitive to certain tones of voice at times from either. Overall I’m a very happy doggo. When I’m ready to rest I will either lay down anywhere near my family, in my “safe space” the crate, or sometimes my dog bed for a short snooze. If you leave the room, I most times want to come too. I like being near you no matter what you are doing. When my family leaves or during most nighttime's, I am a good boy in my crate with my toys. Just to let you know, I do require lots of durable toys to play with please and tend to go through some toys rather quickly. My foster family averages a few toys a month to replenish those toys I’ve had lots of fun chewing. When I do have plenty of my own toys to chew on, I tend to avoid any destructive chewing of other items such as small child toys (they often have to keep these picked up from me). Since I enjoy lots of attention and activity throughout the day, I really enjoy the small children here. They throw my toys and run around with me. I don’t mind being right in the middle even amongst the chaos with the small children. When I’m tired at bedtime, it’s a bit different. During bedtime routine a couple times, when I was laying on the floor (I like to lay in the doorway) in my foster parents small bedroom and a small child came in not watching where walking and stepped on me....I have gotten a bit grumbly with the child. So now my foster parents have me stay downstairs to have my own space just until the small children are in their beds. We have a long door window that I look out multiple times a day and see other dogs or people in their yard. I bark, growl, whine and get a bit excited by whatever they are doing outside and run back and forth to the doors cause I want to go out too. Whereas I’m interested in other dogs and have had multiple encounters with neighborhood dogs, my interaction with each has been a bit mixed ranging from grumbly to dropping down my front paws trying to play through the fence. Currently I have a kitty sibling, that took a slow introduction for me to get used to him as I was nippy in the beginning. Now all I want to do is attempt to play with kitty whom won’t play with me no matter how many times I try everyday (kitty just hisses and most times I respect his space that is until I try again later). My biggest challenge has been needing to gain weight. After multiple tests at the vet recently, my foster parents were told I’m a lucky boy to have a good metabolism until I hit maturity in which I will then start to fill out. The vet mentioned I need extra protein in my diet to help with weight gain (like human protein). My foster parents are going to let my forever family decide what they want to feed me to make the transition easier on them. I do have a sensitive tummy (probiotic recommended by vet to reset my gut) when the small children drop food on the floor during meals that I manage to beat my foster parents at cleaning up. On two occasions I have been given a Milk bone while visiting a public business that made me sick, so please no more of these treats for me. I’m potty trained, but have had only a couple accidents in the home when my sensitive tummy gets upset. When I go outside to potty, I walk on the leash with a toy in my mouth around the neighborhood to find my fave spots to go. Just to warn you, I am strong at pulling my leash (as I want to say hi to everybody) and will need to work on this more. Also I do know basic commands such as “come”, “sit”, “lay down”, “off”....but will need to work more on “stay”. Excited for my forever family who has lots of time to spend enjoying what I enjoy! Who is ready to adopt lovable handsome me?!