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Hello future family. My HHR name is Queso, but my FM calls me Qutie-Q, Q-Ball, and QQ. I like that Q sound. Don’t let my beguiling eyes completely fool you. I'm a 100% lovable IMP. When I was younger my tail was broken in just the right place to make it a perfect curly-Q. You have to see for yourself.

List of some traits my FM has learned about me:

🥰 Affectionate. Hands down. I love my humans. I’ll have lots of kisses at the ready and a nap in your lap when I need to refuel for another round of playing. When I’m chill, I like my tummy rubbed.

🤪 Playful. Rambunctious is my middle name. My sisters, my foster Aunties and I regularly engage in prolonged, high-spirited romping and rolling, and thundering in and out of the house. My toys are amusing, but I prefer my chewy chew bones.

🧐 Curious. Always on the lookout for chewables. Once I led my FM on a scavenger hunt that started with a shoelace in the kitchen and led to her shoe in the yard. We laughed. Almost everything I walk past gets a little sniff in the hopes of future mischief. I’ve enjoyed dry noodles, socks, slippers,and other delights

😎 My FM will tell you how clever I am and that I’m also especially sweet. At bedtime I gladly go into the crate to sleep with my sisters. I’m not fond of sleeping alone and will whimper for a little bit, so cuddle up with me.

Terms I’m learning:
Crate-create - I gladly go in my crate and FM gives me a few training treats
Get back - which FM uses going in and out of the doors and gate
Scoot-scoot - when I’m underfoot
Get down-I greet my human friends enthusiastically
The concept that NO is a complete sentence. LOL

Walkies are fun. I slide right into my harness and head out on the leash. I‘m friendly with my Aunties and other dogs on play dates. In the car I’m quiet in the crate, but I am prone to car sickness. I love food and eat like there’s no tomorrow, so my slow food bowl will go home with me. You’ll have to see for yourself. I’ve never been apart from my sisters so it’s a must to have a playful canine pal in a fenced yard.

  • Chihuahua & Mix 
  • Female
  • Puppy (7-24 Months) (03/15/2022)
  • Kansas
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