Hi! My Name Is Rose

We're happy to tell you that Rose has a new furever home.
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Rose is a very good girl and extremely well mannered. She is 100% golden retriever and has the nature of a golden through and through. She gets along great with our other two dogs and any other dog she has met on our walks. She has not met any cats or other animals but I’m sure she would just want to play with them. She absolutely loves kids of all ages.
As a little pup she was quite sick but now that she is healthy she is extremely playful with a lot of energy. She loves to go on walks and walks with her head held high, its really adorable.
She loves to be outside! She will find a sunny spot in the yard and lay down and chew on a bone. She is a puppy so she does tend to find things to entertain herself like playing in the garden or digging a hole here and there. She loves to play fetch and she dribbles her little ball and hides it all around the house under blankets or curtains.
She loves to cuddle and has the sweetest disposition of any puppy I’ve ever had. She will steal your heart in an instant.
Things she’s a little weary of: cars driving by and high pitched sounds and alarms.
Rose was diagnosed with urinary incontinence. Due to her incontinence, she wears a diaper in the house. This may be confusing, but she is potty trained #1 and #2 but she does have to go out a little more during the day because she’s not able to completely empty her bladder. When she sits or lays down, she does leak urine on the floor if she does not have a diaper. I work from home so I change her diaper 5x per day just because I don’t want anything wet up against her (This could be overkill). She has not had any other uti’s since the first bad one when we first got her but the vet says she will be more prone just because of the bacteria if she’s not kept clean and dry. I use a disposable diaper and then I put a cloth diaper over it because she has decided she likes to shred them if she can get to them.
Daily care: She sleeps well in a crate at night, is extremely excited to get out in the morning and goes outside to do her business. If I have to leave I put her in the crate and she goes willingly. She is immediately ready for her breakfast first thing in the morning. I still feed her a little lunch and also dinner. She gets around 2 ¾ cups now of adult royal canin gastro dog food. Her stomach isn’t as sensitive as it was so I would think she could wean off of this food to a more affordable option. I just didn’t want to stress her system any more than I had to. She takes Proin, an incontinence medication 2x per day but unfortunately it is not working. The vet said we could try 3 x per day or a stronger dose but it unfortunately may just help a little bit.