Hi! My Name Is Teak

We're happy to tell you that Teak has a new furever home.
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Teak was apart of the BIG doodle rescue and was very sick. He was brought to his foster covered in ticks. She found 3 brown large ticks, and over 500 seed ticks. He tested positive for ehrlichiosis and was treated for 3 weeks with an antibiotic, and he was re-rested. His blood levels are still elevated but he's cleared for neuter on the 17th of November at Amity. He was tapework positive last week, and his foster had to quad de-worm him. He is heartworm negative, but no vaccinations have been administered outside of rabies while working to get him healthy. Teak couldn't really walk or handle stairs for awhile. He started off very lethargic and she carried him a lot. Now he plays like the young pup he is after lots of love, care and snuggles from his foster mom. Teak gets along with 2 large dogs, but not small children or animals. He has a beautiful coat and cute beard. He does shed. He walks beautifully on a leash (harness) but will whimper if a dog barks at him or he sees a human. His foster can correct him fairly easily. He marked 2 times in her house but was belly banded. Only a few wet bands since September. He has beautiful teeth and is 72 lbs but underweight. We think his weight will take off now that the tapeworm is gone and the tick disease. His current environment: he is home all day with his human. He is banded in the house and roams free but his foster keeps an eye on him. He goes out every few hours into a medium yard that is fenced, without a leash. When walked, they use a harness. He has not tried to escape or run, he would never leave his foster. He has a kennel, and has gone into it on his own, but when it come down to kenneling, he will only go into the kennel for Justin her son or JP. If his foster mom tries he won't go. He is occasionally kenneled with the other dogs and he has no issue with it. it's never been more than 2 hours. Teak needs a home with no small children or small pets. He loves his big fur siblings. He's not been overly aggressive where he's attacked, but he's growled and lunged where his foster had to intervene. He's been fine with patient bigger kids (except when they put a coat on 😂). He's very afraid of men. Now that Teak is feeling better, these behaviors have shown. He needs a home where they will work on resource guarding. He does not travel well in cars, often getting sick. Teak sleeps by his human at night on the floor. He's a great dog that's come a very long way. He deserves a loving home that can teach him manners.